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Late night confessions

So I'm at work just listening to music since no one is out and I start listening to Seether. Seethed reminds me of my ex Morgan, he's married now. At least I think he is. Anyways that gets me thinking like always about finding someone. I've been single ever since me and him broke up for the last time. That's been almost 3 years. Sure I've hooked up and been on a few dates but nothing ever took. It seems like it never does. So mostly I've been listening to seether, evanescence and now stone sour and slipknot tonight. Just thinking. My midnights always drive me crazy. Sometimes reflection can be a bad thing. Granted, me and Morgan would've never worked out if we got married. He never kept and job and always chased dreams that were too far away. But I'm 26 now and I still haven't had an actual adult relationship. Meaning someone that you spend time with and go out. Not just someone that comes over to watch tv and have sex. That's all me and Morgan ever had. Or actually any of the guys I dated ever since me and Robert. But I have dated some losers in my past. Guess I'm just waiting on the right one to come along and make me forget about all the ones that have broke my heart, ruined my trust and made my heart so cold.

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