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And that's what I will be doing one week from today cause it'll be MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This old gal will be turning 24, woo! But wow, 24! I mean I know that's not old but then you get to thinking, I'm 24, single, no kids...HELL YEAH! I don't know if it's like this is other places, but I can tell yall in the south, most women are either pregnant, or have kids by now. So I'd like to think I've got a heads up! Usually, when you're a kid you only think about what you want for your birthday, but this year I've been thinking about everything that I've done, and everything that I've been through.  So I've come a pretty long way, even between 18 and now.

For those who've known me for awhile should remember the guy I dated when I was 18, Robert. Now when I was 18 I had dropped out of school, had no job and still lived at home. Well after he cheated on me and I dumped him, I turned over a new leaf and grew the F up. I got my first job at a grocery store, got my GED and started dating a guy named Brian. Now things with Brian didn't last that long but I'm still friends with him to this day. After getting my GED I went to college for Cosmetology. In the course of 2 years I left the grocery store and started working for a, I guess you would call it Sporting Goods store. I also recieved my degree in Cosmetology and soon after, my license. (WOO!) On the day of my graduation I started work for Ford Motor Company, working at a local dealership. Crazy, right?

But honestly, I learned alot from working at a car dealership, and also become Ford Warranty certified. After 2 years working for the dealership I was let go due to "lack of work". I was single, but on occassion seeing a guy named Morgan, nothing too special. So, after being laid off I was out of work for 6 months. Any everyday (with the exception of weekends) I was out looking for a job, putting in whever would accept my resume. Now, when I was working for Ford, I was making close to $12 an hour plus commission. By this time I was 20, and had just moved out and got a place with my brother. Here me and my brother were, BOTH had brand new cars, and a place to pay for. He also worked at the dealership, I was let go and a week later he was fired. Call it, re-staffing. I called it bullshit. Ok, anyway.....

Well come the 6th month of being without a job, I was starting to think about putting in for fast food places, and other places like that. I even considered getting two jobs, anything to pay the bills. Then, I started looking towards Law Enforcement. I'd just so happened to go by the State Patrol in Milledgeville and spoke with a guy who worked there. Then things kinda took off. I had also put in at a local 911 center, in addition to the State Patrol. So test taking, polly graphs, blood work, interviews and the 911 center saying "You're pretty much hired". Now, the 911 center paid less than the state patrol, but I was willing to take anything! So I said I would take the job with the 911 center and went to get my blood work done and pee in the cup. As I was walking out of the hospital I got a call on my cell, from one of the guys from the State Patrol. He said that I pretty much had the job, and not to take the one at the 911 center. So, of course, I had to call the 911 center and decline the job. Let me tell yall, that was the best decision I could've ever made. I'm very bless and I love my job! This is the best job I've ever had!!!

So now, here I am, about to be 24 in just a few days, 3 careers under my belt, and living a great life. I'm still single, but that's ok. I believe that one day me and Calvin will be together. I adore him with every fiber of my being, and if that's not love, I don't know what is. And if not, then I will meet a man that I'll one day marry and love for the rest of my life. So being single doesn't really bother me as much as it used to. Everything happens in due time. I never thought that any of this would happen to me. I've met alot of great people, had alot of great experiences, loved, lost, laughed (alot) and shared moments with people that I'll never forget.

I just wanna say to anyone that reads this, I'm glad that you're in my life as well! If we talk everyday, or haven't talked in awhile, you have all touched my life in some way and I'm very grateful for that. I love you all!!!! Sorry for the extremely long post. =)

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