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Update on love?

NO! This game that me and Calvin are playing is kinda starting to get old. He finally made a comment about a week ago saying that he 'knew' that I had a crush on him. Ok...yeah, I do. Will I tell you flat out? No. I will say this though. The day after he said that I decided that I wouldn't call him for 2-3 days, just to see what he would do. Well guess how long it took before he called me?

One. Day.

That's right, one day people! The day after that day my phone rings and it's him, "Hey, I hadn't talked to you in a few days, just wanted to see what you're doing" Yeah buddy, sure. So now it's just to the point where we both continue to tell each other "You've got the crush" "No, you do!" It's like we're back in kindergarten! *pulls hair out* If he likes me, he needs to go ahead and make the move, and stop dicking around! Because we ALL know that I'm too chicken shit to admit anything!

GAH! That is all.

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